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WALL TOWNSHIP — Anthony Steward was indicted by a grand jury in Monmouth County Superior Court on May 6 on seven second-degree charges, which detail an investment scam of more than $1.5 million that he would have committed between October 2019 and July 2021 on a victim.

Mr Steward, 54, and a resident of Wall Township, surrendered to police in October 2021, initially for second-degree misconduct by a business official and second-degree robbery by deception. He was later released on citation before the prosecutor’s office convened the grand jury to decide the case.

According to the Monmouth County District Attorney’s Office, the charges stem from an investigation by members of the district attorney’s office that was initiated in May 2021, when the victim, called JC, reported the thefts, which took place during of three separate incidents that occurred from October 2019 to July 2021.


Mr Steward, according to the police, would use funds from one project and “direct some of the money to another” without the knowledge of the victim. He also allegedly used funds to pay personal credit card bills.

The seven counts Mr. Steward now faces include two second-degree counts of theft by deception, one second-degree count of theft of personal property, three second-degree counts of misconduct by a corporate official and a second-degree count of financial misconduct. Facilitation of criminal activities.

The charges detail three separate incidents in which Mr. Setward acted unlawfully through his businesses J&J Custom Homes Llc., ASJ Associates and Green Bubble Homes of NY Llc.

The most significant incident involves the theft of $600,000 Mr. Steward obtained from JC after convincing the victim that he would use the money for a real estate investment on which they would be partners. The other two incidents involve similar counts of fraudulent theft amounting to $280,000 and $269,000.

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