Why Could Jon Gruden Cost NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell His Job?

Felm Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden may have lost the original fight, but it will be the commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell who ultimately loses the war. This is the opinion of Sam Mirejovskythe lawyer acting on behalf of the famous “Chucky” in his lawsuit against the NFL.

Last season, the former ESPN analyst resigned as HC of the Raiders after racist and homophobic emails sent 10 years earlier were leaked to the press.

Gruden faces Goodell in court

The Super Bowl winning coach now faces Goddell and the NFL in court, alleging the NFL deliberately leaked his private correspondence to destroy his career. Gruden’s emails emerged as a byproduct of an NFL investigation into toxic work cultures in Washington Commanders Franchise.

“I predict this lawsuit will eventually cost Goodell his job. Along with adversaries like Gruden and Davis, Goodell faces a discovery effort that will seek to uncover evidence of Goodell’s wrongdoing. In today’s digital world ‘ today, the same one who put Gruden dry: it seems to me inconceivable that there is not SOMETHING that could end Goodell’s career.”

The NFL could not take any action against the former head coach at the time as the emails were sent during a period when he was not employed by them. However, the public reaction was overwhelming, leading to him resigning from his job.

Is the Gruden affair really about the NFL?

Simply put, yes, there is cause for concern. There are two extremely troubling issues for the NFL and Commissioner Goddell.

This, of course, is not the league’s first problem when it comes to defending against legal action. In fact, they gain so much practice that they have actually developed a proven approach which they implement religiously.

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