Women’s Facebook Group Calls Dr. Held Evil

Actress Amber Heard came under intense media scrutiny during her public defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp over the past few weeks.

There have been numerous memes and jokes made at Heard’s expense, even the language-learning app Duolingo has joined the fray.

But a Facebook group called A Woman’s Soul posted a hilarious side-by-side photo that had fans laughing!

Amber Heard compared to Dr Evil in viral photo

The post received more than 25,000 reactions, 7,000 shares and almost 3,000 comments from fans shocked by the comparison.

Chris Perry commented, “Who wore it better…Amber Heard or Dr. Evil?”

“Mini Me wore it the best,” another user commented.

“Its designers get it ready with the right costumes,” another commented. “The judge does not understand the allusion.”

“Why would she wear that?” another asked. “His subliminals are showing!”

Some people think Amber Heard wore it on purpose


One user dared to say that Amber Heard did it on purpose, earning her two likes from other people.

“Doesn’t she have a style of her own?” another asked.

“They are one,” added another.

“Loose the hair and they will be twins,” dared another.

“Then the outfit will be a nun!” another wrote.

“Lmfao, I showed my mother the two photos one by one. I showed her Amber first, ‘look at her outfit in this one.’ Then, just before the next slide, I say, “Now look at her outfit in this one.” We both died laughing,” wrote another.

So what does Johnny Depp do?

Johnny Depp - Amber Heard Trial

While Amber Heard stayed away from the public, Johnny Depp was spotted in the UK on stage with Jeff Beck waiting for the jury to deliver their verdict. Depp first performed in Sheffield before later taking the stage at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall.

Fans were thrilled to see the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor return to the stage for his fans. Although he became best known to fans for his film roles, Depp began his career as a musician. In 2015, he formed the group Hollywood Vampire with Joe Perry and Alice Cooper.

“He came knocking on my dressing room door about five years ago and we haven’t stopped laughing ever since,” Beck said, adding, “We kept quiet for obvious reasons, but here he is. “

Deadline reported that the pair performed their 2020 collaboration “Isolation,” which is a remake of John Lennon’s song of the same name.

The couple have been battling each other in Fairfax County Circuit Court for most of the past month. ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ actor is suing his ex-wife for $50 million in December grandstand 2018 Heard has written for The Washington Post where she claims to be a survivor of domestic violence.

Although she didn’t mention Depp by name, he claims he lost film roles due to the “clear implication” that he was her abuser. Heard claims she’s also lost film roles, including several scenes from the upcoming “Aquaman” sequel, and Strike Back for $100 Million.

On Wednesday, the jury returned its verdict much earlier than expected. Supporters can find the jury’s decision here.

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